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I have dabbled in photography for most of my life starting with terrestrial (land-based) photography and then moving on to aerial in the last 5 years using a drone. I started astrophotography by chance in October 2019 when I detoured from a car accessories store to an astronomy store two doors away for a bit of...window shopping. I spent two hours there...the passion was lit and the rest is history.


My first telescope was a Maksutov Cassegrain which somehow didn't deliver what I wanted so the journey to my current setup began.

I named this site Capturing Ancient Photons as that is exactly what I feel I'm doing, capturing photons (light) emitted from deep space objects many, many, many light-years away. Ancient... in the whole scale of things....

Enjoy !

UPDATE! Was ecstatic to be notified that I had won APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) for May 6, 2022. In most circles, this would be the pinnacle in a person's astrophotography journey! Not surprising I had a smile on all day long.

UPDATE! Was voted as the Best Deep Space photo and won the overall prize of Best Astro Photo at this year's Perth Astrofest Astrophotography Competition for my Statue of Liberty image. Great prizes were awarded!

UPDATE! Awarded APOD for January 19, 2023 !

UPDATE! Awarded APOD for May 1, 2023 !

2021-06-17 17.10.16.jpg
2022-03-07 05.48.53.jpg
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